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How I made some picks

When it comes down to it there is nothing better than manual tools for your Lock pick Set, whether they be retail, homebrew, macgyver style. DIY'ers look here.

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Re: How I made some picks

Postby inquisitor35 » Wed Jun 22, 2011 6:17 am

lsphinx wrote:Such a great Post. Really nice :)

I've made some myself but they are a bit flexible sideways, I mean they aren't very hard and straight. And I thought in making some thermal processes of hardening.

I don't know for sure the metal composition, so I don't know if it works well, but I have to try it soon.

This is the primary problem with this method and can be rectified by keeping a bowl of water handy while you're grinding. Simply dip the blade/lockpick in the water every 15-30 seconds and you'll be rewarded with a little hiss. This will help preserve the temper resulting in a harder final product.

After you're done, take a blowtorch to it and heat it up to red, then dip it again, further hardening your pick.
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Re: How I made some picks

Postby vecchioni27 » Mon Oct 28, 2013 5:14 am

Awesome work sir! Love seeing the DIY!
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Re: How I made some picks

Postby Sublimis » Tue Dec 24, 2013 5:05 am

Olson Burry wrote:Ah, thanks everyone, yes I hope someone will find it useful or at least give some confidence to try. If I can do it anyone can!

Thought I'd add a rough estimate of what I spent.

Bench grinder £30
Needle Files (10) £6
Pack of 5 Hacksaw Blades £5
Silicon Carbide sandpaper various grades (240,400,600,1000,1200) ~£5
Sculpy £1.50 or epoxy for metal handles £~4

The grinder will last forever if you take care of it and there would be enough blades there to make at least 10 picks. In a pinch you could use a Dremel but probably find you go through quite a few grinding wheels and cut of disks. The files are cheap and seem OK.

Thanks again!

@Tooly, hah! I forgot the important intricacies of proper tea execution! it's Asaam which is your typical breakfast tea and it's always milk first then boiling water on the bag or if you're lucky enough to have a teapot then brewed in there for at least 3 minutes. No sugar, thanks.

Are the handles breakable? Say I get pissed and throw my pick at the wall from a lock that isn't submitting to me...
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Re: How I made some picks

Postby KarkarnRed » Wed Mar 05, 2014 6:52 am

Good cost effective way of adding picks to the collection. I'm sure its more difficult to get nice clean looking picks like yours than it seems :P
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