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Paper clips

When it comes down to it there is nothing better than manual tools for your Lock pick Set, whether they be retail, homebrew, macgyver style. DIY'ers look here.

Postby Kysi » Thu Aug 07, 2003 8:47 am

i tried picking with a regular paprt clip, hated it, kept bending, so, i used one of those thick big paper clamps, worked great
sorry ladies, but i just love this one!!!
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Postby mr.91 » Mon Aug 18, 2003 9:46 am

i tried the paper clipes my hands were bleading from the tension wrench!! :( what r u trying to kill me and i still coulden't pick it the pins wouldn'e stay also it was a american lock
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Postby skeleton_keys » Tue Aug 19, 2003 12:32 am

Man, if your hands are ever bleeding from picking a lock, you're trying too hard. :) Either the paper clip you're using is too small, the handle's too short and not supplying you with enough leverage, or your lock is just old. Most locks never require more than a light, gentle pressure.

And no offense meant, but judging by your posts in the forums so far, I'd say you're pretty new to this whole picking thing, so just keep at it. Practice enough, and eventually it will come to you.
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Postby mr.91 » Tue Aug 19, 2003 1:08 am

it was a rather crappy paper clip(it was the little tiny ones I didn't have any strounger ones)it just was bending and the clip shoved into my hand(the hurt a lot)the grip bent so it was the pointy part.I wouldn't of tried but i hade nothing to do i was thinking it was a goo idea until i got my set also the lock was a little rusty and i was trying to pick it for 3hours. and if you were wondering it did't realy go all the way into my hand but just under my skin just deep enuf to draw blood:cry:
thx for the advice :D

picking is an art not a crime
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Postby Whosawhatsis » Sat Sep 20, 2003 6:21 am

I posted detailed instructions to makes picks out of paperclips in another thread, view it here:
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Postby fyrwurxx » Sat Sep 27, 2003 10:19 am

Just today I picked a Schlage exterior lock (not some cheap desk lock) with just paperclips. The tension wrench was made out of a surprisingly small paperclip, but I chose it because i wanted it to be springy. The pick was made from a much larger one which i tempered using a blowtorch. I'm not sure if that helped, but i never had any problems with bending. Sure enough, with the right finesse and about 15 minutes, the lock was open. I was almost astonished at how easy it was to pick a lock that's supposed to keep out burglars using nothing more than what you would find in any ordinary office desk.
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Bad memory of paper clip picking

Postby Demolite » Thu Oct 23, 2003 3:45 pm

I got interested in picking about two weeks ago. I was at my mom's office. She had gone somewhere and with all those paperclips laying around on the table, I got curious and tried to lockpick her locked drawer. I had made the paperclip pick wrong shaped (like a U in the end) and ofcourse it got stuck. :?
Well there i was trying to pull the clip out of the lock when suddenly the pick snapped. Now i was in trouble. I tried to get the leftover part out by using scissors. Well the clip broke even more and I cut my fingers quite bad. I came up with a weird idea of poking the clip even further so it couldn't be noticed. I found out that the keys to the locker were also on the table. I tried the key... NOOOOO... It got stuck half way. Bleeding from the hand and angry, I kicked the key to go further. The key broke in two... I pulled out the other part and left it there...

I was lucky nobody noticed what i had done.

That evening I made a good lickpick from a paperclip. I got a good padlock open in 6 seconds. :D

Now I'm ordering a set from Southord...
What set would you recommend?
Too bored to write anything else...
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Joined: Tue Oct 21, 2003 5:45 pm
Location: Finland

Postby Pheniox » Thu Oct 23, 2003 4:47 pm

Either the C801 set or the MPXS-14, not sure if finland is considered to have euro locks or not(C801 if it is). Those are the basic 2 sets that would let you know if you liked picking or not and you won't spend an arm and a leg on in case you don't.

Nice job with your moms desk though, you get a cookie for that one.
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Postby basho » Fri Oct 24, 2003 9:52 am

Last Sunday, I forgot my key to my apartment, and since it was a Sunday, the front office was closed. Instead of waiting for my mom to come home, I found a piece of wire on the ground and made a pick/tension wrench combo. I was able to pick the lock in 4 minutes. The wire had about the same stiffness as a heavy duty paper clip, so it is possible to pick some pin locks with a paper clip if you take it easy and don't bend it out of shape.
But it looks so inviting...
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Postby Clint6991 » Sun Oct 26, 2003 5:22 pm

Could someone help me buy picks on the side, in Either Victoria or Tasmania, Australia i am in deperate need.

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Joined: Sun Oct 26, 2003 5:15 pm

Postby Pheniox » Mon Oct 27, 2003 2:31 am

People on this site will NOT buy picks for others, our best bet is to buy them and take your chances on getting them though the mail.
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Location: Kentucky

Postby Clint6991 » Mon Oct 27, 2003 6:54 am

i have already tried that and have a five year bond, i cant risk trying that again.
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Joined: Sun Oct 26, 2003 5:15 pm

Postby Chubby » Mon Oct 27, 2003 7:39 am

There is nothing magical about lockpicks in general, try making your own, there is enough information on LP101 and the web, and don't say you can't, as it looks like your options are limited, try! :wink:
Support your local locksmith -- lose a key. Support your local institutional locksmith -- lose a master key.
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