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Lock Breakdown Diagram Links.

Information about locks themselves. Questions, tips and lock diagram information should be posted here.

Lock Breakdown Diagram Links.

Postby Varjeal » Wed Nov 05, 2003 5:22 am

Enjoy these links to places which show you what a lock looks like in pieces....

Some of these links will show only individual pieces, such as pins, etc. so you can better visualize how a lock works and what makes it work like it does.

1. This link has pics of indvidual pins. Includes pics of standard Schlage, spool, serrated, and Medeco pins. Nice close up views too. Credit goes to pointofview for finding this one.


2. This link has a good close-up pic of a Best Small Format Interchangeable Core (SFIC) in its basic pieces. A good link and excellent description. Once again, thanks to pointofview for the link.


3. www.crypto.com/photos/misc/everest/

A good link for the Schlage Everest cylinder and keyway.
Thanks to lockman for the link.

4. www.crypto.com/photos/misc/mul-t-lock/

Another good link to the same site again...good pics of a Mul-T-Lock and good description.
Once again, thanks to lockman for the link.

5. http://www.abloy.com.au/verve/_resource ... l_Brochure{78244}.pdf

A brochure, but shows a cutaway of an Abloy profile cyliinder. Thanks to marso for that link.

6. A couple of good links on those nasty Bi-locks.


Again thanks to marso for the links.

7. http://www.fmgeorge.com/about_replacement_cylinders.htm

A good breakdown diagram of a standard mortise or rim cylinder (not the U.K. variety)

Once again, thanks to marso for the link.

8. Pin and wafer tumbler photos:

9. Numerous lock diagrams (from medeco)
More links, this time from Murph:
http://www.medeco.com/products/pdfs/200 ... atalog.pdf
There is a good diagram on page 165 of the catalog.

10. Tesa: Pin tumbler and Dimple key:

11. Lockwood: Twin keying system
http://www.lockweb.com.au/infoCentreDoc ... Keying.pdf

12. Corbin-Russwin: "Emhart" security cylinder
http://www.yalesecurity.com/library/bul ... 7133%2Epdf

13. Yale lock with sidebar:
http://www.yalesecurity.com/library/cat ... /42039.pdf

14. Medeco photos:
http://www.medeco.com/solutions/downloa ... cingm3.pdf

15. DOM: break out and seethrough

16. Mecatronic: key with electronic circuit:

17. Nice breakdown of Abloy locks:

Maybe I should just call this marso's bored page. ;)
*insert witty comment here*
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