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FAQ: LP101 Frequently Asked Questions

THE starting place for new members. FAQ's, instructions on how to pick a lock, valuable information like product reviews, links to lock picking related sites, forum rules, lockpicking tool vendors, and more. START HERE.

FAQ: LP101 Frequently Asked Questions

Postby marso » Thu Feb 05, 2004 4:33 am

Hi all,

Over the next few weeks I would like to make this thread into the FAQ. Basically I wish to have one post per "group" of questions. These groups include impressioning, new to picking, buying picks, making picks just to name a few. I will send some of the regulars a group of questions to post here over the next few days.

These will be three line answers per question with a URL for more details. Hopefully there will be a thread already on the topic, if not I will try to start a thread on very common questions.

Please if you disagree with my thread or have suggestions feel free to reply or pm me.

Admins can you please clean the thread up when we are done?

Thanks all.
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New to picking

Postby marso » Thu Feb 05, 2004 4:42 am

New to picking:

How do I pick locks?

By understanding how locks work and practice is how you will pick locks.


I have just started picking but cannot get through lock xzy?

You need to find a picture of the lock, some specifications, and the exact model else we are blowing in the wind. I would suggest dropping this lock and going with a practice lock recommended below.

I wish to go out and buy a good lock to practice with, what should I get?

Kwickset lock or some no brand locks. Also check to see if it mentions “pick resistant” or similar, if it does find another lock.

List of practice locks from the UK:

Ok, I know I need some practice locks now where do I get them from?

The below link has some good suggestions where to obtain practice locks from.
Hardware, yard sales, flea markets, rubbish tip or ask a locksmith.


What direction do you pick the lock?

This all depends on the lock. Normally think what way you turn this lock when using a key, and pick it in this direction. Alot of the times I find clockwise works. If you can only pick in the opposite direction required to unlock the knob see the FAQ about “plug spinners”.


What order should I pick the pins “front to back” or “back to front”?

Neither. It is a unwritten rule that you should try to start at the back. In reality you try to see which pin is hardest to push up and then move onto the next hardest pin to push up. Keep in mind as you push one pin up another may become harder to push up so you will have to try all pins each time.


How do you know when a pin is set?

The pin should not have any pressure from the spring. Since the spring is holding the top pin on the shear line. So you should be able to push the bottom pin up when it is set and it will fall by gravity only.


What is raking (scrubbing)?

This is when you apply torque place the pick in the back of the lock and then pull the pick out slowly while applying pressure to the pins.

Why should I pick when I can rake most things open?

Raking is a technique commonly used to open locks. As we are trying to learn how to lock pick I would suggest practicing with single pin picking. Raking is generally less precise and will not work on more advanced locks.


Is raking/picking bad for the lock?

If you do it correctly your lock will work just fine after you have picked it. If you use too much pressure or torque and your lock is in bad condition or you are just unlucky the lock may stop working. If you are worried get a practice lock (see above).


How can I hold the lock?

Different ways to hold the lock when picking include; a lock in a door, padlock in your hand, cylinder in your hand, cylinder in a vice, mount cylinder on a piece of wood, make a lock workstation.


I can only get through lock xyz will I ever improve? How long till I get good?

If you practice and understand locks you will get better. It may take years of practicing each day to get really good a locks. This is a hobby that you will get out only as much as you put in.
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Need to unlock... (cable box, safe, gun box, etc..)

Postby marso » Thu Feb 05, 2004 4:48 am

Need to unlock... (cable box, safe, gun box, etc..):

Can you help me unlock item xyz?

No. We do not help you get into specific things. We are not here to save you money because you are too tight to phone a locksmith. If you are genuine in the learning aspect buy a cheap lock and learn how to pick. Then work your way up.

Can you help me open car xyz?

Cars use wafer locks most of the time. Learn how to pick wafer locks. If you want to know how to get in without smashing the window (without picking) this is not the place. Find somewhere else to go. NOTE: you can do damage to car locks.

Can you pick the car ignition?

You may be able to pick it and turn the keyway but the car might not start. I do not like talking about this topic with people I do not know. NOTE: you can do damage to car locks.


What about impressioning car locks?

Again we are not here to teach you how to get into or start cars. Or even try to save money because you are too tight to call a locksmith/car manufacturer.

How do I crack a safe?

With the combination/key or call a locksmith. This is not safe-cracking101

FYI: I may not express the views of the moderators or others in this forum.
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Postby marso » Thu Feb 05, 2004 5:23 am

Hi all,

Can someone please answer this group on pickguns. I have no experience with these things and would prefer if someone who had an idea posted it. Rember three lines with a link to a post or external site that has more information. And please try to keep it looking similar to the other questions. Only one person reply and only reply if you know what you are talking about.

Many thanks.


Are pickguns worth buying?
Electric pickgun vs manual gun?
What pickgun should I buy?
How do I use a pickgun?
Will a pickgun work with lock xyz?
Will a pickgun work on all locks?
Will a pickgun break the lock?
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Postby Chucklz » Thu Feb 05, 2004 5:43 am

Here is what I've been also working on
LP101 FAQ and Newbie Guide.

This guide is not official, per se, but is here to help newbies with some of the most common questions. If there is something you don’t understand here, feel free to ask on the forums.

1.)Is my _____ lock pickable?

Yes. Special tools may be required, or it may take hours or even weeks to pick, but mechanical locks can as a rule be picked given enough time and creativity. Lock advertisements often tout pick resistance as a measure of security. While it is true that pick resistance is important in some applications, for most home and even business security pick resistance should be a concern only after durability and resistance to brute force is adequately considered.

2.)Help, I’ve locked myself out of my ________ Can you tell me how to pick the lock on my _________?

Probably. If you have no experience you need to appreciate the fact that lock picking is often extremely difficult. If there was no challenge in doing it, very few of us would. It is generally recommended to call a locksmith for Automotive lockouts and for many home lock problems. We will try and help you to within reason. When describing a problem you are having please give us as much information as possible. Some of the things that should be in your post are the type of lock, ie deadbolt, key in knob, padlock, etc., the brand of lock, and a detailed description of the problem you are having.

3.) Can you give me information about locks that are very hard to pick, I would like to improve security of my home/business?

While this group does not endorse any particular lock brand, we can say that purchasing a highly pick resistant lock is often NOT a good security solution for your home/business UNLESS you have already met some other basic requirements. Look to secure windows, reinforce door frames, and ask yourself how you would get into your house if you didn’t have a key. You probably will be surprised at how many weaknesses you find. A quick read at http://www.thenationallocksmith.com/Nat ... /index.cfm explains in graphic detail why choosing the ultra-inexpensive lock installation isn’t worth the savings. Your local locksmith can help you best secure your home/business.

4.) I want to know how to break into stuff because I want to steal something, can you help?

Sure we could help, but you will very likely find us quite unwilling to help you commit any kind of criminal activity. This is against the rules of the forum, your post WILL be deleted.

5.) Help! I’ve lost the combination to my safe!
We probably can’t do much for you here. If a safe was easy to defeat, they really wouldn’t be safes would they? Trying to “crack” /drill/ bust open your own safe may result in the firing of a relocking device which can almost guarantee a very expensive service call which can easily run into the thousands of dollars. Very specific knowledge about the inner workings of your safe is almost always required. If you just want to play around with an empty safe, go for it. If you wish to actually open a safe, retrieve the contents, and still keep it as a functioning safe, the best thing you can do is to call a safe technician. Your local locksmith may also be a safe technician, or he will know someone who can help you. Your safe technician will not only be able to professionally open your safe for you, but also provide the preventative maintenance that will keep your safe in operating condition for many years to come.

6.) How do I slim jim my car open?

Most if not all newer cars are immune to slim jim attacks. Even if your vehicle is quite old, improper use of automotive lockout tools can result in serious damage to your door. Your town’s police may be able to open your car for free, but you generally get what you pay for. Your local locksmith will be able to help you quickly, and without damaging your vehicle. The cost of a lockout is almost always guaranteed to be less than that of repairs.

7.) How do I get information about picking?

The most recommended first step is to read the MIT Guide to Lock picking. The guide is available here www.lysator.liu.se/mit-guide/mit-guide.htm . Read, reread, and read it once more. After that, several videos are available. http://connect.waag.org/toool/

8.) I’m not clear about where to put my tension tool, or what to really do with it.

The turning/tension wrench is used to provide a slight turning pressure on the plug, which allows for picking. Read the MIT guide once more. You can place your tension tool anywhere in the keyway that doesn’t interfere with your picking style. Generally, most people prefer to place the turning tool at either the top or bottom of the keyway.

9.) How can I make my own picks?

Watch the video, it explains a great deal about how to get started. For those of you on dialup connections, you may need to wait quite a bit. Picks can be ground out of hacksaw blades, street sweeper bristles, spring steel, the metal stiffening strip in windshield wiper blades, steel from plumber’s snakes, stainless steel from steak knives, and probably a whole lot of other materials as well. Be creative. But, in general some materials are generally considered to be inadequate. You probably don’t want to make picks out of paperclips, coathanger wire, or smashed nails.

10.) Where can I buy some picks, and what should I buy?

viewtopic.php?t=1423 is a complete stickie on this topic. Information that bears repeating 1.) www.lockpickshop.com is a forum sponsor, and will give members a 10% discount if they use the coupon code lp101
A site that has a similar URL www.thepickshop.com has poor customer service, and seems to not reply to email. Buy at your own risk, but don’t say you haven’t been warned.

11.) Ok, I’ve bought/made my own picks, I’ve read the MIT guide and now I want to know where to begin.

You should buy a pin tumbler padlock, or a cheap deadbolt. In North America, it is common to start with a Master padlock, usually a #1 or a #3. For deadbolts, Kwikset and Weiser make good locks to start picking with. The European lock forum has threads devoted to practice locks in Europe /UK. You will want to steer clear of manufacturers such as American, Schlage, Yale, Abus, and Brinks in the beginning. These locks may contain pick resistant pins, and will not be particularly suitable for the rank beginner. Stay away from wafer locks and warded padlocks. These locks are usually quite simple to pick and will allow you to develop bad habits easily.

The one thing that most beginners have a great deal of trouble with is the amount of tension used to pick the lock. The amount of tension (torque actually, but tension is a more common term) is truly very tiny. If you are having problems, try less and less tension. Applying the same force closer to the keyway will reduce the amount of torque you place on the plug.
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Legalities of lockpicking:

Postby marso » Thu Feb 05, 2004 8:32 pm

Legalities of lockpicking:

Is it illegal to possess lockpicks in country xyz?

Yes/No depends on the laws for your country, state, province. Check out the laws in your area and if you seriously care talk to a lawyer. To find laws use google, do searches for picks, burgulary, break and enter just to name a few, look at previously posted laws to find unique words. When you find the answer post to the forum. One thing you have to keep in mind is intent. Read the meaning of intent for your legislation. Again if in doubt ask a lawyer, else you might be put behind a lock.


Is it illegal to sell lockpicks?

If you are in the USA you are required to document who you have sold locks to. Read the laws and talk to a lawyer. Remember each country/state/province may be different.


Will customs take my picks?

Maybe, probably if they see them they will. I have not heard of anyone on the forum loosing their picks. US postal system does not allow picks to be sent. For this go to the postal system or custom services website and look for prohibited goods. When you find the answer post it here.

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Buying lockpicks:

Postby marso » Thu Feb 05, 2004 8:52 pm

Buying lockpicks:

Where can I buy picks?

Gun shops or trade shows, locksmith suppliers, on the web. BTW when you buy please give us a review on the time it took, service and so forth.


I wish to buy picks but do they deliver to my country?

Yes/No. Read the shops policies or contact them. Work things out with the shop first and if they give you grief do a search on the forum for the shop and post in a thread relating to that shop.


I wish to buy picks but I can not find a place that sells pick xyz?

Most picks can be purchased online or from a locksmith supplier. Remember to ask if they have what you are looking for and do not assume the catalogue is all they have. Become a locksmith if you want fancy locksmith tools and just assume you can not have everything you want.


I am not a locksmith can I buy lockpicks?

Depends on the shop and where you live. Read the shops policies and the laws for your country.

I have heard shop xyz is bad can you confirm?

Do a search on the forum (see below) and read all the threads that mention that shop. If you can not find anything post a thread to this forum.

I wish to by from shop xyz has anyone else use this shop?

Do a search on the forum for that site and some variations eg. "www.tools123.com" and "tools123". If not make a thread with an appropriate title and be clear with what you are after.

I have had troubles with shop xyz what should I do?

Take it up with the shop at first. If they are not giving you much success talk to the credit card company, consumer commission and the like. If you are still having grief post a thread on the forum.
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Postby marso » Thu Feb 05, 2004 9:23 pm


What lock should I buy for my house?

A lock is only one aspect of security to your house. Keep in mind lighting, placement of obstructions, reinforced door, window screens just to name a few. Locks that have a well respected brand in your country like lockwood in australia should do a normal home. When you have picked a likely lock do a search on the forum to see what people say about it. Keep in mind manufactures have a number of levels of locks. Not all these levels refer to picking (most do not) they refer to resistance of being broken or kicked in. If you really are concerned call a locksmith.

http://www.statefarm.com/consumer/vhous ... orlock.htm

I heard about weird technique/tool xyz does it work and how do I do it?

Methods like freezing locks, foil impressioning and so forth are mentioned in some text. I have not tried any of these methods but learn to pick and when you are really good then worry about moving onto things like this. If you are persistant use google or work it out yourself.

Is there a lockpicking group in my area?

At the moment I have only heard of the German and Dutch club. Someone is trying to start a club in England. If you start a club please post it. Keep in mind laws about assisting in a crime if you teach someone else to pick, so read the laws and talk to a lawyer.

http://www.ssdev.org/ - German club
http://www.toool.nl/index-eng.php - Dutch club

Who here is from country xyz?

Do a search on the forum for your country should be the first point of call. Also go to the below thread and post where you live.


Where can I get more videos on lockpicking?

Search google and do a search on the forum for "video". If you find any more, or have made one please post to the forum.

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Security pins:

Postby marso » Thu Feb 05, 2004 10:04 pm

Security pins:

There are some pins in lock xyz but they are not like normal pins, what are they?

Normal pins are cylinders which move up and down the chamber easy. Security pins are ones that have groves and so forth to make it more difficult to pick and to give a false sense of the pin setting. Here are a few pictures of security pins.


What different types of security pins are there?

Spool, Mushroom and Serrated pins.

http://www.blackmarket-press.net/info/l ... ter9.htm#9 - Fig 9.10

How can I pick a lock with security pin xyz in there?

Use light torque. Be gentle when you push the pins up. If the pin gets caugh slightly release the torque and then push up softly. There is also another technique called reverse picking which is discribed in the attached link. This is an advanced topic and if you are starting off buy a practice lock without security pins.


How do I know if there are security pins?

Basically when the lock seems too easy but does not open. If it turns slightly but then stops. If the pins feel like they are getting caught as you push them up.

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Postby randmguy » Fri Feb 06, 2004 1:28 pm

Marso I hope this is what you were looking for. Varjeal, Dr Dave, and anyone else with experience please chime in...

Are pickguns worth buying?
For a locksmith or security professional, yes. If you are picking locks for the challenge and enjoyment, no. Pick Guns are not magic. They will not allow you to open bank vaults right out of the box.

Electric pickgun vs manual gun?
Electric picks are easier to master because of the way they are held and because you don't have to learn to keep the gun still while squeezing the trigger. The only real consideration is price and the time you want to spend mastering the use of your tools.

What pickgun should I buy?
Manual: A Pick-Aid, HPC Pistol Pick, or Majestic. All are solid and reliable. Electric: Probably A SouthOrd. If you have the opportunity visit a lock wholesaler and ask to try out what they have in stock. For online retailers look here:

How do I use a pickgun?
You place the needle in the keyway just beneath the driver pins far enough to engage all the pins and activate the gun while putting LIGHT turning pressure on the cylinder with your turning tool. For more information look here:

Will a pickgun work with lock xyz?
In theory, yes. You have to try a lock to find out. Look at the links here to get an idea of what lock manufacturers are doing to prevent picking.

Will a pickgun work on all locks?
In theory, yes. Some lock makers take great pains to make their keyways restrictive. This makes picking with mechanical picks troublesome, as free movement of the needle is essential. Medeco makes locks with angled driver pins that must be aligned to allow the cylinder to turn.

Will a pickgun break the lock?
If your lock is in good shape guns will usually not damage a pin tumbler lock if used correctly. Wafer locks and especially split wafer locks should be approached cautiously, in my opinion.
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Locksmithing Frequently Asked Questions

Postby Varjeal » Sat Feb 07, 2004 1:16 am

I want to become an apprentice where do I start?

A= Unlike many trades, locksmithing can be difficult to enter into as an apprentice. Because of the "security through obscurity" argument, many locksmiths look with a wary eye on newcomers, especially those of younger age. This, in my view, is dangerously stupid. Regardless, there are many things you can do as a young person, or as someone wishing to enter the trade.

1. Learn the lingo. Every trade has it's own language and terms, some of which have dual meanings, or even mean somethinig opposite to a term used in a different trade.


2. Find and take a quality correspondence course.

3. Join your local locksmith association. Subscribe to as many locksmith magazines as you can afford.

4. Find a locksmith in you area that will not only give you work, but will be willing to train you as well.

5. Keep watch for classes that you are interested in and take as many as you can possibly afford.

6. Enjoy what you do.

I wish to subcontract doing lock picking where do I start?

A=Start with your local locksmiths, find out how busy they are, buy 'em dinner, and find out if they would be interested in subcontracting their work when they are really busy. Yellow pages in the phone book are your friend. ;)

What locksmith schools or courses are there?

A= viewtopic.php?t=588

I have heard about drilling a lock how do I do it?

A= It varies with different types of locks. Since this is a site based on NDE or Non-Destructive Entry, drilling locks is not generally discussed here.

What lubricant should I use on locks?

A=Use a good silicone or teflon based lubricant. There are dozens of varieties available, just look in your local hardware store. Brands such as Super Lube, Tri-Flow, 12/34 are examples. Stay away from WD-40, oil-based, graphite based lubricants (powdered and liquid)

How can I flush a lock?

A=Simple. With the lock preferrably on a rag or easily cleanable bench, simply, spray a recommended lubricant heavily into the lock, use either a key (preferrable) or pick (optional) to rake the pins rapidly. With the key removed, wipe off grunge after each withdrawal from the lock. If you are comfortable with the procedure, tear the lock down to it's base parts, and individually clean each. (This takes awhile, but is the more preferred method). Then reassemble the lock, and apply a light coating of lubricant to the keyway.

How do I repin or take apart a lock?


What is master keying?

Master-keying is a technique of pinning a series of cylinders that have their own distinctive key (called a "Change key") to also be operated by a single key called a "Top Master Key".

Is a lock that has been master keyed easier/harder to pick?

A= A lock that has been master-keyed is invariably easier to pick because of the creation of possible shearlines.

How do I use a key machine?

A=It depends a bit on what type/model of key machine is being used, but here's the general procedure for a standard manual key machine.

1. Clamp the key to be duplicated in the left vise of the key machine firmly.

2. Lightly clamp the blank in the right hand vise, and with the key machine turned off, use the "key guide" of the machine to align the blank so it is in the exact same position as the original key. Firmly clamp the blank in the vise and move the guide to it's resting position.

Alternate method if no guide is installed:

Firmly clamp the key to be duplicated in the left hand vise of the key machine.

Lightly clamp the blank in the right hand vise, and with the key machine off, move the carriage so that the tip of the original key contacts the tracer point on the key machine.

Adjust the blank so that the tip of the key contacts the cutting wheel, and firmly clamp in the vise, your keys are now aligned.

Once the keys have been aligned, you can now turn the key machine on and move the carriage so that the tracer touches the shoulder of the key blank. Slowly move the carriage to the left, allowing the tracer to follow the cuts of the original key, which will be duplicated by the cutting wheel removing material from the keyblank. Wear safety goggles during this procedure since brass filings can be difficult to remove. :shock: Take your time with this procedure especially if the cuts on the original key are deep. You may find it wise to manually hold the carriage away from the cutting wheel slightly and remove a little material at a time so as to not overheat the motor or cause excessive heat on the cutting surface. I usually run over the key a few times to insure that all necessary material has been removed.

Most key machines also include a brush, which can be used to clean the surface of the key, and remove any minor burrs that may have been left by the cutting wheel.

That's the basic procedure.

What is Impressioning and why would I do it?

The object of impressioning is to create a working key for the lock in question without disassembling the lock or using other "decoding" methods such as "reading" to decipher the combination of the lock.
A keyblank is manipulated in the lock and marks are filed to remove material, and when done successfully creates a duplicate of the original key.

This process is used when the original keys are lost, no code is readily available, and the lock cylinder is difficult to remove and decode.

How do I Impression?

A= viewtopic.php?t=1396
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Making your own picks, by PYRO1234321

Postby marso » Wed Mar 03, 2004 10:35 pm

Making your own picks: (By PYRO1234321)

Ideas here are not exclusive. they are a conglomeration of various opinions and experiences gathered on the lockpicking101 forum and other sources online.

locked/Making_Picks_1.wmv - Best source of info
http://www.gregmiller.net/locks/makelockpicks.html - Basic overview on making picks

Can you use a paperclip/bobby pin?
Yes, but with poor results. a modified bobby pin would be preferred to a paper clip, the metal is soft and might work in a pinch. Frustrating to try and learn with these tools/materials due to them bending and being of the wrong sizes. Flattened nails and clotheshanger also fit in this category.


What can I make picks out of?
Suitable materials in order from worst to best (IMHO, very hard to order): leaf rake fingers, wiper-blade inserts, street cleaner bristles, oil/transmission dipsticks, stainless steak knives (vary), straight saw blades (hack, jig, etc..)(vary a lot). unclassifiable Custom spring/carbon steal or exotics like titanium. wrenches are made from the same.


What is the best material?
By including price and ease of manufacture, i would say that saw blades are the best. Blade prices and characteristics are extremely variable. get a few and test, some are very fragile. Also look for blades that are close to the desired size to minimize grinding. for free, use wiperblade inserts, street cleaner bristles or steak knives.


How do I make picks?
Tools: bench grinder, sand paper (medium and very fine), demel tool (cut-off wheels, stone wheels), propane torch (for twists, not always necessary), a hot plate (as a substitute ot a torch), bucket of water (to cool the metal down).

Templates can be found online (online stores, pick manufacturers, forums), transfer to metal and grind, sand smooth, test and modify if needed.

viewtopic.php?t=55 - Discussion on Making picks
http://www.crypto.com/photos/misc/picks/ - Example of a possible template

What handles should I put on my picks?
handles are a matter of personal preference and imagination. some options are: none, tape, heat shrink (or both), extra layes of metal either glued or brass rivited. glued wood (ie: popsicle sticks) to both sides then groud/sanded to proper size, dip into various tactile paints/coatings (ie: rubber undercoating).

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Postby marso » Thu Mar 04, 2004 10:11 pm

The tools of the trade (lock picks etc..):

What different types lockpicks are availabe?

Just to name a few of the common shapes found on picks: Half diamond (shallow angles), Half diamond (steep angles), full diamond, half round, full round, snake, half hook, full hook, DeForest (diamond tiped hook), snake rake, Jag snake (W shaped)

http://www.gregmiller.net/locks/mitguid ... ixA.html#2

What is pick xyz used for?

All picks can be used for numerous purposes, here is what the different shape picks are best at doing: Hook and diamond (single pin picking), snake (raking), ball related(wafer locks)

What different brands of lockpicks are available?

HPC, South Ords, Rytan, falle safe, Peterson, A1, Majestic, LAB, Hoobs, Brockhage Navigator


There are specific picks for europe and should I be using them?

No, however in some parts of europe they tend to use locks with a more restrictive keyway. This all depends on what town, city, country you live in and you can only find out by looking around at the locks. If normal picks do not give you much room to move you may need slimline picks. If in doubt buy slimline picks.


What is different between the slimline picks and the normal picks?

"Slimline" or "euro-japanese style" picks are normally the names used to refer to picks that are thinner in width.

I want to buy a pickset that I can carry around with me, is this a good idea?

If you are a locksmith maybe. If you are not then please refer to the laws of your country and look into this in detail. I will suggest you do not carry picks with you as it might be hard to explain, if you are in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Should I make my own picks or buy them?

If you enjoy creating things then make your picks, if not buy them. The finished product will be about the same. It is a personal preference.

What is a plug spinner/flip-it?

Locks can be stuborn at times, and may only pick in one direction. However to unlock/lock a door you may wish the plug to turn in the opposite direction. A plug spinner will quickly spin the plug in the direction you desire fast enough that you pins will not relock.


I want to know a place where I can buy xyz pickset?

See the FAQ on buying picks. Ask the manufacturer about a local dealer. If you can not find someone who sells to you (because you are not a locksmith) beggers can not be choosers. You are participating in a hobby where there are some limitations on knowledge and the tools you can obtain. Get used to it and take advantage of what you are allowed to obtain.


I have seen xyz picks are these the ones I should be buying?

Just buy a small cheap set to start with. Ensure it has a hook, half diamond, snake, and a few different tension wrenches. Preferably a set that has handles.

I would recommend south-ord MPXS-14 for a normal sized set or the south-ord C1510 for a "slimline" or "euro-japanese sytle" set.

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Combo locks:

Postby marso » Sat May 22, 2004 3:47 pm

Combo locks:


Have you seen xyz defeat does it work?

If you know of a combo lock defeat try it. We are here to pick and learn about how the lock works not how to bypass.

viewtopic.php?t=2478 - (Master combo lock)
viewtopic.php?t=1504 - (Dudley combo lock)
viewtopic.php?t=1542 - (Push button combo Padlock)
viewtopic.php?t=1483 - (Unicam Push button combo lock)
viewtopic.php?p=535 - (Sesame lock, 4 disc combo lock)

Where do I get a stethoscope from?

A shop? Basically you do not really need any tools to hear a combo lock unless as varjeal says "you've got a clinical hearing problem". There should be enough feel in the lock to do the job.

What does the key hole in the back of xyz combo lock do?

Normally this allows you to change the combination. Go to the manufacturers website and read up on it.

How do I pick key hole in the back of combo lock xyz?

Learn how to pick.
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